Windows Server 2016: Remote Access Revolution?

Last month I talked about hyperbole in the technology world, and how technology advancements can be considered "game changers" for businesses. In that installment, Office 365 was the focus. This month, my focus turns to the newly-released Windows Server 2016, and specifically, the use of Server 2016 as a Remote Desktop Server.

What makes a “game-changer”?

A recent article about game-changing products got me thinking: What qualifies as a game changer in the tech world? Sure, there are universal game changers that are obvious. It's hard to argue that the first cell phone and the first PC made the world a different place in their wake.

Will Your Backup Be There When You Need It?

Abraham Maslow famously proposed a human "hierarchy of needs" in the field of psychology. His insight was that humans don't worry about higher needs (e.g. love and companionship) unless their lower needs (e.g. food and shelter) have been met.

I'm not certain what an IT-related hierarchy of needs would look like, but I do know that protecting your company's information is among the most basic and critical needs that an IT managed service must fulfill.

Reframing Your Business Processes for Cloud

By: Dan Bremner

I've been thinking a lot lately about reframing - the idea of changing your perspective in order to see something in a completely different light. It struck me that often when we look at something brand new, we see it through the lens of our experience with the old thing that is being replaced.

Apple vs FBI

By: Dan Bremner

While usually in this space, I highlight some aspect of technology that could be useful in your business, or some news or advice to protect your company from hackers, today I'll try to shed light on the very public showdown between the FBI and Apple regarding the FBI's demand that Apple write software for them to enable them to hack into an iPhone.

Office 365/Cloud Super Powers

By: Dan Bremner

The other day I heard a description of cloud computing that I liked, "We have all these super powers we never had before." Okay, they might not be quite as Amazing as the super powers Peter Parker got from a radioactive spider bite, or Bruce Banner's gamma radiation-induced muscle building regimen, but there is still some pretty cool stuff you can do.

Thank You, Safe Computing, and Happy New Year

A Heartfelt Thank You

At this time of year, I always like to take some time to thank those of you who are reading this. If you're a subscriber to the newsletter, or reading this on our blog, thank you for taking time out of your day, and I'm glad you find my monthly ramblings about business and technology to be helpful, interesting, or amusing.

Can a Cloud PBX Replace My Phone System?

Microsoft has generated some buzz in the business-tech world with its announcement of a new Office 365 feature, currently in preview, called "Cloud PBX with PSTN Calling". As you might imagine, the expertise and infrastructure Microsoft acquired with their purchase of Skype is playing a major part in the rollout.