Microsoft has really revamped their free online training

Microsoft has really revamped their free online training

At Castema, our focus is always on how technology can make our clients' businesses more productive, never on technology just for its own sake. As we're prepping for the next wave of technology deployments, part of our process is to review training options available to our customers.  After all, the best technology in the world doesn't matter if people don't know how to use it properly.

There was a time when I would say that Microsoft's training was a confusing mess.  Not so much anymore!  In a recent blog post, Microsoft announced they had released "Office Training Roadmaps" to give a training plan for their more popular Office products (Word, Excel, Office 365, etc.).  These roadmaps are one-page PDF files with links to training videos, in their recommended order for training.  The videos are organize by specific functions, so it's easy to jump right to the area you want to learn about, and each one is only a few minutes long, so you don't have to scroll around inside a long video just to find the nugget you need.

Many people have taught themselves the Office products, or picked up enough over time to do their basic job functions. That's OK, but often there are some functions they've never explored that could really help them if they only knew where to look. Others might have mastered a lot of the software  but would like a refresher as well as an introduction to some of the newer features in the latest version.

Whether you are looking for some help with the basics, or want to take your skillsets to the next level, these training videos are well worth checking out!

They are available for download, for free, here!