Should I Subscribe to Software, or Buy It?

Software vendors are increasingly using a combination of carrot and stick to induce customers to sign up for their subscription-based software licensing. The “carrots” tend to be extra features or permitted uses, while the stick may be higher prices for traditional perpetual licenses, or discontinuing the perpetual license (almost) entirely, as Adobe has recently announced.

Virtualization in Small Businesses

Virtualization? Isn’t that only for data centers? Not by a long shot…read on.

While virtualization has clear benefits for companies with large server farms and data centers, this is far from the only application of virtualization. Small businesses have a lot to gain from this trend, and the inclusion of Hyper-V and its features as a “built-in” technology in Windows Server makes a compelling case that smaller companies should not ignore the “virtual” revolution in computing. In addition to Microsoft’s Hyper-V, other virtualization products include the market leader, vSphere from VMware, as well as Citrix XenServer, and Oracle’s VirtualBox.

Turn Down the NOISE! (Part 2)

Turn Down the NOISE! (Part 2)

Dan Bremner

In my last post, I introduced the concept of the Two Costs of IT Support, which are the Hidden Cost and the Direct Cost. (If you missed it, you may want to click here to read Part 1 before you go on.) We also introduced the definition of Noise, which is the continual recurrence of IT issues and problems that take time and productivity away from your team members, and usually require an IT professional to resolve.

Turn Down the Noise! (Part 1)

As much as I would love to say that Castema’s Managed IT service is the perfect solution for every small business, the reality is that some businesses need the value that Managed IT gives them more than others do. I’m going to break this post into two parts in order to give a complete answer to the question, “Who is a good customer for Managed IT?” Today I’ll introduce the concept of two types of support costs, and explain them, as well as define a new Natural Law pertaining to Information Technology support. Next time, I’ll talk about hotels and how they relate to IT Support business models (trust me), and what that means to your IT support cost.