Backing up the Cloud

When I first started working in IT, I would occasionally hear someone refer to their mirrored hard drive in their server as a "backup". I would explain to them that backups are a very different thing from hardware redundancy. A mirror will protect you if one of the hard drives fails, but offers no protection from accidental deletions, or file system corruption, or any number of problems that can destroy your data, such as ransomware, for example.

Explaining the Spectre and Meltdown Security Flaws

The New Year's Eve confetti had barely been swept up when the first headline-grabbing computer security problem of 2018 made the news. As you may have seen, on January 3rd of this year, it was revealed that a set of security flaws affects nearly every processor made by Intel, AMD, ARM, and Qualcomm over the past 20 years.

Happy Holidays from Castema (plus a few thoughts on Digital Assistants)

As I write this, we are approaching Christmas and nearing the end of Hanukkah. For our friends celebrating the Jewish Festival of Lights, we hope you had a Happy Hanukkah. And may it be a joyous Christmas for all those celebrating Jesus's birth. For everyone reading, we wish all of you much happiness and success in the coming new year!
Is Alexa under the tree?
As this is a technology-focused blog, I thought I'd touch on a piece of technology that is destined to be given as a gift many times over this season, if current sales numbers are any indication.

Bringing Enterprise 365 Features to Small Business

One of the things our company has made our goal since 2002 is to help "level the playing field" by bringing big-company style solutions to smaller businesses. Back then, server-hosted solutions were the norm, which sometimes required substantial investment, especially for solutions that were considered "enterprise" software.

Security Breaches and the Importance of Patching

Last week I spoke to two different groups of business leaders, giving a presentation on CyberSecurity. Even though Halloween was still a couple weeks away, I think I successfully scared the heck out of them. On both days, though, the executives in attendance were asking some great questions; it's obviously a topic that is a concern for many people, especially those running businesses.

Security Lessons from a Comedian

At a comedy show I attended over the weekend, I heard a comedian tell a funny story about a guy she had met on a dating site. They hadn't gotten together yet, but had exchanged a few messages through the site. To this point, all they had was each other's first names and a photo.

Does Data in the Cloud Need Its Own Backup?

What if I told you that your data in the cloud isn't as safe as you think it is?
Wait a minute, I hear you saying. Aren't you the guy who's been touting the security advantages of the cloud? Haven't you been saying that Microsoft Office 365 security is better in many ways than most companies' on-premises servers?

That's very observant of you (and thanks for reading my previous posts, I'm flattered). I have indeed been saying those things.